Story: A Farm Life

A Farm Life is a body of work I started in the Spring of 2011 about my grandparents farm and the community it was a part of. At the time I started documenting "the Farm" my grandmother, widowed 5 years earlier, was 86 years old and had been diagnosed with cancer but was refusing any modern medical treatment, and still living on the farm by herself. My grandmother, Bette, still used a 1950s Maytag washing machine and refused to use other modern appliances, like a dishwasher or cell phone. She lived alone, running the farm and the house, just like she always had even though it was becoming increasingly hard for her, physically and mentally. I have continued to work on projects about events following her death (such as the eastate auction) and the small-town community she was a part of.

(Story was published in the Missourian Summer of 2011)